We now carry TrailMaster Go Carts. As fun as our zero-turn lawn mowers are to operate - our new go carts just may have them beat! They come in 4 sizes and 6 different colors - including pink because go carts aren't just for boys!



Mom will love them because when operated properly these go carts offer more built-in safety than most 4-Wheelers and other All-Terrain Vehicles. The larger go carts have 4 point harnesses and the smaller ones have 5 point harnesses, that keep both the driver and passenger secure in the vehicle at all times. The Mini XRX, for the little ones also has a speed governor and remote control, so parents can either maintain complete control or take control as needed, keeping your child safe while giving them a great sense of independence. With a max speed of 12.5 miles per hour, the Mini is a great way for the younger kids to enjoy the same fun as the older kids, but with additional safety and protection built in. All models also have over-head protection which is not available on your standard 4-Wheeler.


For the bigger kids, Mom and Dad, our largest model the 300 XRX can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour and climbing ability up to 18 degrees! They are just what the doctor ordered to take away the stress created during that week at the office! With the 2 model sizes in between we have a go cart for everyone in the family. You will be pleasantly surprised - with prices less than the average 4-Wheeler, these go carts are a perfect choice for family fun. Easy and FREE layaway. Taking orders for Christmas NOW!


Come on down to Bi-Lo's and check them out today!