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XcaliberLP Model 3074LP - Manufacturer: Dixie Chopper
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*Acres per Hour6.6
Cutting Deck74 in.
Engine HP30 HP
PumpHydro-Gear® 21 Series
Wheel MotorsWhite® 24 Cubic Inch
Fuel Capacity15.8 Gal.
*Acres per hour is calculated on 80% operator accuracy and mowing conditions with an optimum cutting height of 2.5 to 4.5 inches.
Download Dixie Chopper BrochureSpecifications PDF

  • When Dixie Chopper looked for a propane engine option, Generac® was the obvious choice. The 30HP Generac® engine features triple air filtration and is built for propane use without the need of a conversion kit.
  • The XCaliber LP X2 Cutting System features the "Wind Tunnel" design that produces an unmatched quality cut. With high vacuum, discharge, high blade tip speeds and an industry leading 2" blade overlap, this deck is the best in the industry.
  • The XCaliber Propane mowers use oversized hydraulics for increased torque and decreased system pressure. Backed with the best warranty in the industry, XCalibers utilize 21cc Hydro-Gear® pumps with 24ci White® wheel motors.
  • The XCaliber LP models feature a new Quick Lift pedal. The Quick Lift can be applied by the operator to quickly raise the deck to avoid stumps or other obstructions that could be hazardous to the mower deck, blades, or surrounding objects.

  • NEW: Sun Shades
    Available in soft and hard top versions in black or white. Fit all machines with ROPS; a stand-alone version (soft top, white only) is available for Zee series units without ROPS.
  • Snow Blade
    Turn your Dixie Chopper into a year-round money-maker with the addition of our snow blade kit. Available for most 44" through 74" mowers; check with your Dixie Chopper dealer for model compatibility.
  • Zebra Striping Kit
    The Zebra Striping Kit enhances the striping quality of your Dixie Chopper. Available for most models. Avaliable for Silver Eagle, Classic, and Xcaliber models; see your Dixie Chopper dealer to verify compatibility.
  • Magic Mulcher
    Enhances mulching capability and helps keep the underside of deck clean. Part number 30302. Not available for Zee series mowers.
  • Light Kit
    (2) 50-watt halogen driving lights with pre-terminalized wiring harness and illuminted rocker switch. Can be mounted on front or on rollbar. Part number 900366. Part number 900366.
  • Turf Tech Tire
    Turf Tech Tires are available for Classic and XCaliber models which come standard with Turf Boss tires. 26x12-12 Part Number 400332; 24x12-12 Part Number 400285.
  • "Run Flat" Tire
    Keep mowing even with a flat tire. Available in 13 X 6½ X 6 (part number 400130) and 15 X 6 X 6 (part number 400129).
  • Easy Reach
    Pick up trash and other objects without leaving the seat of your mower. Comes with holster and litter bag. Kit Part number 902722. May be purchased separately; Easy Reach (part number 900001) and holster (900002)

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