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Zero Turn Mowers in OcalaConsidering a zero turn mower? There are many benefits that a zero turn lawn mower provides, that are just not available in a lawn tractor. You will cut your mowing time considerably due to the speed and handling of a zero turn mower - as much as  50% with many of the models we carry. Zero turn lawn mowers provide a tighter turning radius, so that you can turn more quickly at the end of each pass. No wide looping turns required. The turning radius also provides unmatched maneuverability while cutting around trees and landscaping. Only one pass is required to trim, providing another significant time savings. Here at Bi-Lo's we have an extensive inventory of both residential and commercial zero turn mowers for you to consider and test drive. All are powerful and durable, built for lasting performance and designed with the exclusive easy-to-use features you are looking for. Finally, our 0% financing makes our zero turn lawn mowers more affordable than you might imagine!


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TORO Time Cutter Series of Zero-Turn Mowers


TORO Zero Turn Mowers

TORO's zero turn mower series is appropriately named, cutting mowing time an average of 45%, as reported by actual residential owners of Toro zero turn mowers from 2009 to 2011. TORO has over 25 years of expert zero turn lawn mower design and development, and as a result these quick maneuverable machines will allow you to groom your lawn like the pros. Their smart speed system means greater control - higher speed range for open area, lower range for more control and smoother operation in tight spaces, all without sacrificing performance or cut quality. The heavy duty transmissions move these rugged mowers over just about any terrain. Some of the added features include automatic parking brake, high back seats, and a foot-assisted height-of-cut adjustment on some models. You can get a Time Cutter zero turn mower in a variety of deck sizes: 32 inch, 42 inch or 50 inch. And all are backed by TORO's best in class 3 year warranty. One TORO Time Cutter Zero Turn Mower owner commented, "I have over 30 years operating heavy equipment, farm equipment, construction trucks, over the road trucks, and many mowers, and this is one good ride! Also bought from a local dealer who is very good. Hope it rains tonight, so I can mow again in a couple days, that's how much fun it is to operate this Toro!!!"


Dixie Chopper Residential Zero Turn Mowers - Zee1 & Zee2


Dixie Chopper Zero Turn MowersEven if you don’t mow grass for a living, you shouldn't compromise quality. The Zee 1, with its more compact design, fits into those tighter residential spaces, but is still fast enough to mow over two acres per hour! Dixie Chopper has always been the first choice for commercial mowing, and now you can experience excellence your own yard. You can cut your mowing time in half by switching from a traditional lawn tractor to a Dixie Chopper Zee 2, which comes with a 42”, 48” or a 54” deck for even greater productivity. These machines are built to last with Dixie Chopper’s higher standard of quality, and are competitively priced. Payments as low as $66.22/month (based on a Zee 1 1942 with 3.99% financing for 60 months with no down payment. Taxes, doc fees, finance charges and other fees not included). Experience the best - come test drive a Dixie Chopper zero turn mower today.


TORO Commercial Grade Titan Zero-turn Mower


If you measure your lawn in acres instead of feet, the TORO Titan is the mower for you. It cuts mowing time in half without sacrificing a superior quality cut, making it the choice of professional landscapers and premier golf courses around the world. Many commercial grade features have been adapted to the Titan. The Titan zero turn mower has been engineered to be durable and to reduce the need for maintenance with its 1.5 x 3 inch floating tubular frame, premium twin cylinder engines, and heavy duty steel mowing deck, made to last for rugged use season after season. The Titan is available in 48, 54 and 60 inch mowing decks, which can be removed in less than 2 minutes without any tools and all decks have washout port that can attach to your lawn hose making deck cleaning a breeze. You can choose to mulch clippings or bag them with Titan's twin bagger. Other luxury features include: adjustable rollover bar, built in cup holder, 18 inch contour seats with adjustable springs engineered for your comfort level, and adjustable arm rests. One quick ride on the Titan and you will agree this is one comfortable mower, with qualities you can count on: durability, productivity, and exceptional cut. Backed by a 3 year or 240 hour limited warranty, with a lifetime frame warranty for both residential and commercial use, the Titan zero turn mower is a rugged, easy-to-use mower with a superior cut.


Dixie Chopper - The King of the Commercial Mowers


Commercial Zero Turn MowersDixie Chopper has several commercial zero turn mower models. The Magnum series offers 3 versatile deck sizes with Kawasaki® engine options and a Kohler® EFI. The Magnum is an extremely productive machine combined with high horsepower for both commercial use and large residential yards.


In 2003, the Silver Eagle was originally designed as a residential mower. However, it has proven to be a very effective commercial machine. Today the Silver Eagle is the most diverse Dixie Chopper series with four deck sizes and three engine options: Generac®, Kawasaki® and Kohler®. Many of our commercial buyers have found the perfect combination of compact size and high productivity with the Silver Eagle series.

Dixie Chopper is the economical choice for commercial mowing due to high quality construction and extreme durability. Payments are as low as $109.46/month (based on Magnum 2244 with 3.99% financing for 60 months with no down payment. Taxes, doc fees, finance charges, and other fees not included).


Dixie Chopper - Industrial Strength


Introduced in 2007, the XCaliber series has become the number one choice in the commercial mowing industry for its high productivity, reliability and high-performance features. With the strongest frame in the industry, oversized hydraulics and highest horsepower engine available, the XCaliber is king. Also available in environmentally friendly and alternative fuel models, as well as duel engine and four-wheel drive. Payments as low as $211.58 based on XCaliber 3366 with 3.99% financing for 60 months and no down payment. Taxes, doc fees, finance charges, and other fees not included).


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