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Are you an expert in agriculture and landscaping who loves to share your knowledge? We’re always searching for fresh authors to contribute their knowledge, ideas, and skills. We’re looking for you!

Lawn Power Equipment is expanding, and we need some qualified experts! We’re holding a “casting call” for landscapers and heavy equipment users who can post about power tools, hand instruments, mowers, and more to keep up with the newest and finest equipment coming out on the market.

To put it briefly, we’d like to ask some experienced landscaping equipment experts to join our team.

Review One Tool You Have Used

Pick ONE tool that you have ever used. A more recent tool is preferred, but if you just have an older one, that’s okay too. It may be a basic hand tool, a compact chainsaw, a zero-turn lawnmower, or even a small excavator!

Write a post on that tool after that. Don’t forget to discuss the tool’s features, build quality, performance in a professional setting, and comparisons to other tools of the same kind.

Avoid reviewing a tool you have no familiarity with. Remember that to offer suggestions and advice to other professionals like themselves, our reviewers need to know their tools and how they function.

Please Send Your Review!

You can submit your report in Open Document or Microsoft Word format. Send us a Dropbox link or an email with your review and images. Send the pictures separately from the assessment report if at all possible.

In the subject line of your emails, please include the phrase “Guest Post Submission.” In the body, write a brief description of your post of 150 words. The author’s name must be at the beginning of your post.

After reviewing your content, we will get back to you within a few business days. A date will be determined if your piece is chosen for publication, and you’ll get a follow-up email with all the details.