Best Cordless Leaf Blowers 2022

A strong leaf blower is essential when fall arrives, and your lawn is covered in leaves. It will help you eliminate a lot of junk in a flash, even though you may need to repeat the process every day.

To assist you in selecting the equipment that’s ideal for you and your house, Lawn Power Equipment reviewed the top battery-powered leaf blowers.

EGO Power+

Our top choice is the EGO Power+, which charges quickly and has a 90-minute runtime. Even on low, it can operate for up to 200 minutes, letting you sweep away more leaves from your yard with each charge.

This electric leaf blower can run up to 180 mph on its turbo setting and produce up to 650 CFM of force. In the turbo setting, its battery life is 15 minutes.

It is easy to grip because of its well-balanced ergonomic shape. Additionally, you can return to work more immediately thanks to the fact that it has flat and tapered nozzle extensions and a 5 Ah battery that refills in just 100 minutes.

RYOBI Whisper Series

The RYOBI Whisper Series Leaf Blower is perfect if the sound of a strong leaf blower makes you crazy. With a working volume of just 59 dB, it is among the quietest blowers in the sector!

That is quieter than the typical vacuum. Although it operates quietly, the leaf blower has a maximum sweeping force of 550 CFM and a maximum speed of 125 MPH.

This battery-operated leaf blower features an adjustable speed trigger and a jet fan configuration for greater airflow. The device has a turbo function for when you really need to move large material, and the brushless motor produces power similar to that of a gas engine.

Greenworks Pro 60V

Getting the greatest value for your money does not require giving up on excellent performance altogether. We believe the Pro 60V leaf blower from Greenworks is the best deal for you.

With a $199 starting price that features a 2.5Ah cell and charger, this device offers a peak blowing force of 19.7 N. While there are less expensive battery-powered blower kits available, it will be difficult to find one that can blast this much air for that price.

Makita XBU03

The Makita XBU03 leaf blower is one of our favorite lightweight cleaning tools for hardwood surfaces. However, if the best performance is what you’re after, have a look at Makita’s ConnectX device.

It binds to the CBU01 blower and can generate up to 622 CFM and 157 MPH employing a 1200Wh backpack power supply as the power source. It’s a part of the Pro-level solution designed to make switching from gas to electric power easy for commercial workers.

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