With a cordless hedge trimmer, you have unconstrained freedom to prune, trim, and contour your bushes, whether you’re an expert landscaper or just want to give them a more trimmed appearance in your garden.

Thankfully, cordless hedge trimmers have advanced significantly while becoming more affordable in recent years. These trimmers also come in a wide range of forms to fulfill consumers’ needs.

Terratek 20V

With the inexpensive cordless trimmer package from Terratek, you receive a 51cm hedge trimmer, a battery, and a charger. Other manufacturers will charge you for a basic tool for the same price.

Even better, you can still use and swap out the batteries and chargers for other Terratek instruments. The supplied battery’s little 1.3Ah capacity caused us some concern; however, it charged quickly and lasted for about 40 minutes.

The trimmer is a good length for a 6-foot hedge in a medium-sized garden. It also quickly cut through portions of a hornbeam hedge. Although more expensive models will have a longer reach, this is a fantastic low-cost alternative for hobbyist gardeners.

Makita DUH751Z

This Makita trimmer is rather hefty at nearly 1.2m in length and 4.5kg, with a rechargeable battery for a cordless device. However, you’ll be happy to have it when you have a lot of hedges to trim.

The large 75 cm blade and triple-edged tooth arrangement may cut even the most difficult hedges. The three-speed brushless drive, however, makes quick work of any hedge.

The Makita battery also makes the DUH751Z seem to run indefinitely. You can easily get more than 90 minutes of use from a single battery charge. The spinning handle also made things pleasant for horizontal and vertical cutting, even with a longer run.

Bosch EasyHedgeCut

If your hedge-cutting requirements are relatively minimal, you need not look further than this cordless mini-wonder. It will have no issue cutting down a typical privet or box hedge because it is well-balanced and gentle on the arms.

With our more hardy conifer or laurel hedges, it didn’t struggle as much as we had anticipated. Bosch’s tried-and-true anti-block technology is to blame for this.

It features a Bosch 18V system battery, which charges in about an hour and provides approximately 30 minutes of trimming time. All things considered, this is an excellent tool for a quick trim twice a year.

Karcher HGE 18-50

The Karcher HGE 18-50 is the nicest cordless bush trimmer we’ve found for taming larger, tougher, and more unmanageable shrubs and branches. It is a bulky beast that weighs almost 3 kg and has a 50 cm blade reach with a 22 cm max cutting range.

It’s a simple trimmer, even with a large battery attached. And that battery continued to run for about an hour with enough remaining puff to clear away more clippings.

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