For the past 20 years, Kubota has dominated the micro excavator market. The company now has two convenient excavators joining the array. The Kubota 2022 product rollouts were led by the K008-5 standard tail swing excavator and the U10-5 minimalist tail swing excavator.

According to the company, these brand-new excavators are perfect for limited and small locations. Both excavators have retractable tracks, allowing them to operate on the construction site in even the tightest locations.

Kubota now has a wide selection of 13 mini excavator models across weight classes with the addition of the K008-5 and U10-5. Additionally, they now offer additional versatility between the standard and minimalist tail swing segments.

The new Kubota compact excavators have hydraulically adjustable track widths and single-level mobility. In order to squeeze through narrow openings like doorways, security gates, inside of structures, passageways, trams, and more, these tracks may instantly retract.

Despite having small frames, both excavators’ operating and digging ranges are wide. With a bucket extraction force of 2,205 lbs. and a digging depth of 5 feet, 8 inches, the K008-5 has a wide working area. The U10-5, on the other hand, has a digging depth of 5 feet, 11 inches.

With only 0.6 of an inch of overlap over the tracks in the case of the U10-5, it offers improved flexibility while working in constrained places and ensures outstanding balance, stability, and quick operation. It is the best model for doing tasks in small areas.

The U10-5 also has a hydraulic control mechanism that enhances digging productivity while allowing for smooth operation. The side lever joystick operating interfaces featured on other Kubota excavators are also included with this model.

In general, Kubota mini excavators are simple to operate because they are easy to maneuver on virtually any job site. Compared to larger, heavier machines, smaller, lighter machines are easier to maneuver into difficult-to-reach places.

Additionally, compared to their larger counterparts, these tiny excavators are substantially lighter. They avoid damaging the job site or digging it up by merely moving across the ground. Driveways and gardens are not harmed by Kubota compact excavators when used as working surfaces.

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