Manufacturers have continuously improved the system performance of new battery-powered leaf blowers over the past decade. It’s hardly surprising that EGO consistently outperforms the competition when it comes to blowing performance.

The EGO LB7654 blower is their most recent contender in the dubious “most powerful cordless leaf blower challenge.” We wanted to test this tool’s claimed airflow of 765 CFM on the Newton force tester to see if it was equally backed by flow speed and force.

First of all, you are indeed familiar with the essentials if you have ever operated a battery-powered blower. Put the battery in place, press the button, check if you have cruise control on, aim the tool where the leaves are, and start blowing them all up.

After testing the instrument, we did discover a few aspects of the EGO LB7654 worth noting.

There is a lot of control available with the variable speed trigger. Additionally, we discovered that using the cruise control dial was simple when you wanted to take a short break from blowing off a huge property.

Given the location of the EGO cruise control slider a little to the left of the trigger, changing your speed doesn’t require significant changes to your grip. Of course, this device is preferable for right-handed people because the cruise control slider is on the left.

Additionally, like other EGO cordless blowers, the handle’s top has a turbo button that makes it simple to increase the brushless motor’s output.

After using the High-Speed option, we have to admit that it performed seriously well. However, turbo is almost excessive. Use the Turbo mode judiciously to remove tough wet leaves and grime without unnecessarily exhausting your battery.

The EGO LB7654 blower registered an amazing 26 Newtons when we measured it. It produced an astounding 15.9 Newtons on High. When the Turbo button was tapped, the performance increased to 25.3 Newtons.

We included EGO’s 10Ah Arc Lithium battery pack in order to reach the 26 Newtons that EGO claims. With such outcomes, EGO has outperformed that figure and appears more comparable to entry-level portable blowers.

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