Do you maintain landscape borders with a garden bed edger or another tool? We explain the distinctions and how utilizing either one or the other may help you get fantastic results.

Initially, these devices are used for tending the beds. Many of these beds have a lining made of plastic, brick, stone, wood, or even a combination of these materials. Normally, you wouldn’t need a bed redefiner in this situation. 

The clutter along these bordered borders can be cleared up using a standard string trimmer. However, a bed redefiner is utilized for beds without borders, where grass invasion may occur.

The bed redefiner and bed edger have some obvious significant differences. A handheld device called a bed redefiner functions similarly to a string trimmer. These might be stand-alone machines, or they might be powerhead attachments.

On the other hand, the bed edger is more of a walk-behind machine supported by four wheels. Bed edgers range in price from $2,500 to $3,200, while redefiners cost several hundred dollars.

The bed redefiner can be a fantastic option if the beds have already been defined in the past. The bed edger, on the other hand, is the best tool to use when trimming a new bed.

Many lawn professionals even vouch for the bed edger’s efficacy in redefining the beds, though some might find this a bit excessive.

The type of soil in your location may also influence your decision to choose the more pricey bed edger as a solution. In difficult terrain, less aggressive handheld redefiners do less well. Those with a lot of clay might also make the lighter tools require more effort.

Due to their lower cost, bed redefiners could still be an option, but this is important to be aware of. Bed edgers have more force to rip through the mud and push it away from the stones.

Which equipment you require should be determined by your needs. In any case, purchasing a bed edger for thousands of dollars is a sound financial decision.

This investment will undoubtedly pay off quickly for those who do a lot of physical landscaping and flower gardens. The bed redefiner is still the most cost-effective option for the ordinary lawn professional who makes a living by trimming and cutting grass.

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