A quality chainsaw is essential for getting the work done for landscapers, contractors, and even homeowners who enjoy performing their own home repairs. A chainsaw can complete various jobs that other power instruments cannot.

Commercial chainsaws need to be of the finest caliber, long-lasting, effective, and powerful enough to handle challenging tasks. On the other hand, a poor-grade chainsaw is likely unable to meet the demands of regular use and may endanger the user. The top commercial-grade chainsaws for 2022 are listed below.

Stihl MS 271

In 2011, the initial MS 271 was revealed. But it wasn’t until Stihl gave their chainsaw the moniker “Farm Boss” in 2015 that it formally replaced the beloved MS 270 chainsaw.

The new MS 271 has a pre-separation air filtering system that reduces emissions by half. If it weren’t for the fact that it extended the air filter’s life, that would seem like just another piece of marketing copy.

Stihl keeps improving its air filtration systems, resulting in saws with longer operating times and reduced performance loss. All this is done to enable you to continue using it even if the air filter becomes seriously blocked. This saw is available for about $420.

Husqvarna T525

The T525 is the lightest gas-powered tree service saw produced by Husqvarna. This 27cc top grip chainsaw, intended for continuous professional usage, astonished us with how much power it packs into such a little package.

The T525 features the low-emission X-Torq motor from Husqvarna and has an auto-return pause switch that immediately returns to the “ON” setting for re-starting. We particularly appreciate the access to the spark plugs and the quick-release air intake cap.

Echo CS-2511T

This chainsaw with a top handle is legitimate. The 25.4cc 2-stroke motor may be little, but it actually eats through wood swiftly.

It worked flawlessly when we tested it to cut through 8′′ limbs. We even put it to the test by chopping larger oak.

This small chainsaw easily cuts through woods. Although you can go up to a 14-inch bar, we definitely like the 12-inch bar.

In the end, we simply adore the way this saw operates. It boasts superb features to match its performance, like the clutch-driven oiler and the large gas tank access.

Stihl MS 261

The Stihl MS 261 is a real commercial chainsaw produced in the United States. It has Stihl’s M-Tronic engine control system yet retains the MS 261’s low exhaust and fuel consumption attributes.

This approach makes use of a tiny computer that monitors the fuel mix and makes adjustments automatically in response to factors including elevation, temperature, fuel efficiency, and clogged air filters.

We tested the MS 261 C-M, and it miraculously keeps the chain moving even when the air filter is almost packed. Although we don’t advise doing it on purpose, it was a fantastic demonstration of the system’s effectiveness.

Husqvarna 455 

We adore the Husqvarna 455 Rancher for its perfect balance of strength and affordability. Given that it sacrifices some engine capacity for Autotune and a magnesium chassis, we really don’t think this chainsaw makes sense.

You get a 55cc low-vibration saw with the 455 Rancher that effortlessly slices through firewood. Additionally, a small screw may be used to change the chain tension quickly, and no tools are needed to replace the air filter.

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