Checking for Wear and Tear on a Chainsaw Bar

A chainsaw bar in good condition will offer steadiness, control, and productivity. What about a damaged chainsaw bar, though? Your efforts for limbing and logging could become complicated.

You lose cutting precision when a chainsaw bar ages and cuts take much longer. If the same slices your saw used to make quickly now take considerably longer, you may want to consider how worn out your bar is.

Luckily, there are a few quick ways to assess chain saw bar wear. The first thing to do is to wiggle the chain laterally once it has been tensioned. There shouldn’t be plenty of room to wiggle. A chainsaw bar that is worn out has far more side-to-side mobility.

The next thing to do is the straight edge test. Although brand-new bars enable a slight lateral movement, you should be conscious when that becomes problematic. There is a simple method to determine this.

After tightening your chain, grab something with a straight edge. You can place a speed square or ruler against the side of the bar and a chain tooth on the outside. After you press, is there still a space between the bar and the straight object? In such a case, you’re still in decent condition.

Placing your straight object against the outside tooth on a worn saw bar will force the tooth to turn. Your straight edge can then rest flat against the bar as a result.

Of course, by adopting some precautions, you can increase the lifespan of your bar. Adjust the chain strain on your saw before using it. Release some of the chain’s pressure after finishing a task before putting the saw away.

Additionally, you should keep your chain greased while it is in use. Confirm once more that your oil outlet is unblocked. Use the opportunity to turn the chainsaw bar inverted each time you hone your chain.

Following these guidelines will keep your chainsaw bar from wearing out too soon. You’ll have to spend at least $30 on a new chainsaw bar. You’ll be grateful when you don’t have to discard damaged saw bars as often.

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