You’ve probably already decided you need one of Ego’s 56v cordless chainsaws. Judging from the name, it sounds like a promising tool that can come in handy even for non-professionals. However, selecting the ideal Ego chainsaw for your circumstances requires some examination and consideration.

EGO CS1611 isn’t the company’s first contestant in the 16-inch chainsaw category. The initial version, which was among the first models made, is still one of our top picks for battery-powered chainsaws. It was full-packed and delivered as promised. It was a tough cookie to beat.

But EGO CS1611 deserves some praise. The saw’s performance has improved, despite the bar size remaining the same. Its brushless motor can now generate power comparable to a 40cc gasoline engine.

The inclusion of iron bucking spikes is one element we’re enthusiastic about. The metal spikes on the initial 16-inch were far more effective at grabbing wood than the plastic nubs were.

Obviously, for people dealing with seasonal tree upkeep and storm recovery, the 16-inch category is the best spot. EGO strengthens its chainsaw line and improves an already superb chainsaw with enhanced performance.

Understanding that many Ego Chainsaw entries refer to the same tools is crucial. Because one could be the complete tool while the other comes with the battery and adapter, the model numbers are different.

As an illustration, the battery and charger are the only distinctions between CS1800 and CS1811. The same extends to the CS1600 series.

Additionally, the CS1600 series sits in between the CS1400 and CS1800 series. Nevertheless, all of these chainsaws can be used for limbing, trimming, and cleaning up smaller pieces of wood.

But heavy-duty work is not something that cordless electric chainsaws are ideal for. They work best when breaking up narrower diameter logs or performing modest cleaning duties. They can also be useful in the car if you frequently encounter tiny dead trees or need to prune in an orchard.

In conclusion, it is preferable to purchase more chainsaws than you anticipate needing. You may always buy a smaller bar for it and use it that way, even if you upgrade to a more efficient model.

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