The Makita Cordless Sprayer performs well with any of your water-based solutions. The 18V XLT battery, like other portable sprayers, does not require a hand pump to deliver pressure continuously. It’s a straightforward machine with simplified operation and superb efficiency.

However, the advantage here for professional landscapers centers on the sprayer’s functionality. Thus, the Makita XSU03 produces a mist or a jet stream to make it simple and quick to apply substances for a variety of purposes. Aside from being handy, this function saves you from buying another tool for a different purpose.

It has a special wand attachment that, as was already mentioned, enables you to adjust between mist and jet modes whenever you need it – or switch the two modes frequently. Additionally, it allows pressure adjustments between 19 and 38 PSI.

You can use either of the wand’s two distinct heads to spray a specific area or both to cover a larger area. Both sprayer heads may be independently rotated so that the equipment perfectly suits the task.

The Makita XSU03 also has a telescopic wand that you may change in length from 20 to 27 inches for more reach or easier storage. For continued operation, the handle has a lock-on switch that is useful for large applications.

This Cordless Sprayer from Makita is available as a basic tool for about $175. In addition, Makita claims that this sprayer can pour up to 90 gallons on a single charge of a 5.0Ah battery, despite the tank’s capacity of 1.3 gallons.

If you’re searching for a professional-grade tool at a consumer price, the Petratools HD4000 is a fantastic alternative. It has a respectable 6-hour battery life, so you may use it for extended durations without worrying about the battery running out.

The nozzle on this sprayer is noticeably weaker than Makita’s, which is a drawback. Nevertheless, a decent selection of nozzles for a wide range of applications is included.

In addition, the tank’s transparency makes it simple to observe how much liquid is within. We think that the HD4000 is a fantastic value at its present price point and strongly recommend it.

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